Who are we?


Our association SOLEIL LA VIE is born from the desire to sensitize and inform about the intentional modification of the climate and the weather called Geoengineering and its deleterious impacts. Our goal is to protect the fundamental ecological and vital balances of the atmosphere and the biosphere.


At a time when the term "climate change" is used in all languages and on all continents, sometimes even the imperative as here "CHANGE CLIMATE" (Cover title of Science & Vie magazine - October 2018) we thought it essential to look into this notion of action, struggle, urgency ... and to provide detailed, clear and comprehensive information based on sourced documents and real facts, and this in order to to prevent, as far as possible, what could be the greatest manipulation of all times.


With regard to the subject of facing Geo-engineering (climate manipulation), SOLEIL LA VIE is in contact with other French organizations such as Acseipica and Ciel Voilé, for example. We also collaborate with international organizations including SOS Tenible - Skyguard in Spain, Planetary Movement for Mother Earth in Austria, and Zerogeoengineering / Zero5G in the United States. We are also in close contact with other French associations for the protection of nature and life in the fields of seeds, forests, oceans, animals, health, education ... And let's create together interconnection bridges for the implementation of collective actions.


Bring light and understanding on past, current and future manipulation (in case of inaction or inappropriate action) of the atmosphere at the local and global levels by scientific-military-industrial groups.


Reduce and ultimately stop polluting actions with harmful consequences on the environment, safety and health of living organisms on land, especially those related to Geoengineering.


• Combating all forms of pollution and nuisances by considering their impact on air including space, water and the underwater environment, soils and subsoils, solar radiation, health animal and human.

• The identification, observation and monitoring of past, current and planned practices for modifying and artificialising the atmosphere, soils and aquatic environments and their consequences.

• Create a dynamic of reflection on legislation concerning the safety and protection of the environment and health. • Defense, information and awareness of citizens.

• Contribution to the preservation of ecosystems, natural resources and biodiversity.