A beautiful sun!  

This morning, a young woman twice told me, smiling, of her happiness that we have "a beautiful sun" today. For her, as for all living beings without a doubt, the sun gives the joy of life, the desire to hatch and to undertake, and, on this spring day, this beautiful sun is a promise for the future .  So ... what would happen if we were, despite ourselves and without our knowledge, cut off from this "beautiful sun" and that large-scale activities converged to "manage solar radiation" and change the composition of the atmosphere chemically and physically for the purpose of intentionally manipulating the weather and climate. This seems unthinkable, unimaginable even, and yet, these activities do exist and have a name, or rather names: geo-engineering or bio-technologies intended to intentionally change the climate (global scale) and the weather ( local scale). These techniques mainly use solar radiation management (SRM) and carbon dioxide capture and storage(CDR for Carbon Dioxide Removal or BECCS for Bio Technology Carbon Capture and Storage). These techniques of SRM and CDR / BECCS themselves rely on advanced technologies that have already established themselves in the past and are currently deployed both on land and in space.