Citizen watch is a call for observation and sharing of images and / or relevant information in order to constitute a file of evidence of phenomena related to the practices of geo-engineering and its consequences on the elements and on the fauna and the flora.

This can be photos of cloud seeding for example, or images of bark, leaves ... or even surprising and sometimes deadly behavior of insects, birds, marine mammals or other living organisms. ..


For all these cases, we ask you to note precisely the date, time and location of the observation and give a brief and concise explanation of the situation. Possibly its recurrence if the fact has already been the subject of a statement of observation. If you have analyzes of water (rain or other), air, soil ... that you want to communicate to us, they will also be welcome.

We ask you to be as neutral as possible, and to respect the requested details: date, time, place, concise explanations. As much as possible, take 2 to 3 pictures with different angles to be able to attest to the reality of the thing and take a few seconds of film. The observations we carefully sort out are based on volunteering and will in no way be subject to remuneration. If the observation requires the presence of a bailiff, these costs can not be supported.


We intend to make a call for donations in order to eventually overcome this type of fees (bailiffs, analyzes ...) that may be necessary in the context of citizen watch.

We are waiting for a supply of Ph indicator rolls that can be mailed to you if you want to order them. Send us your request by email, thank you.

The rigorous and relevant citizen watch will be the key to an analytical and factual observation. Your information is valuable to us, rest assured that we will treat your shipments with care. Send us your most precise and especially relevant observations, we are counting on you.